Stay focused!

18. November 2016

Do you know these moments: We have so many things to do, so many ideas, plans and goals in our mind – we start to work on all of that and after a while we realize that we jump only from one to the next thing in a hurry, without to complete or fulfill any of our ideas and plans. We dissipate and in worst case we feel totally lost. We try to set our priorities again and by the way we are still thinking, creating and working a lot. We don’t come out of this treadmill. The best thing we can do in such a moment is to stop, breath deeply, do nothing for a while – last one is the most difficult one ;-). Then keep calm, practice Yoga and stay focused! What kind of great exercise, helpful opportunity and new experience!

A precious gift

30. Juni 2016

Thank you my beautiful darling Mira!

Yoga and Cleansing as a Retreat in Thailand.

11. Mai 2016

Experience and enjoy Cleansing, Rejuvenation and Yoga in holistic programs.

  1. Vitalization Cleansing: 5 Days Rejuvenation & Yoga
  2. Intensive deep Cleansing: 9 Days Rejuvenation & Yoga

There are two universal remedies: Purification and Love.

Both we can live and fulfill in our life with awareness about our body and mind.

Since ancient times, body and mind has been balanced by Yoga, Ayurveda and sensitive, careful cleansing programs for internal detoxification. Together they are good companions and supporters for purity, health, happiness and a loving relationship to ourself and others.

In Yoga we cleanse and purify our mind via mediation, pranayama and physical exercises. Through a variety of selected Asanas, we improve the flexibilty of our body and mind, we strengthen the muscles and joints, we become more aware about our thoughts, our communication and our action. The Asanas refer to our own constitution and individual conditions as well as using and involving all body parts in a gentle way.

Special nutrition programs and diets in combination with detoxification- or colonhydrotherapy support us to cleanse and to detoxify from inside. Everything together results in a holistic cleansing program for body, mind and soul, that we should allow us once a year as a minimum, to stay healthy and in balance.

Especially, when

  • the everyday life is challenging us for a long period.
  • we often feel tired and exhausted.
  • we want to fully recover after extended period of illness or injuries.
  • we realize, that we can’t use our full potential of creativity for a long time.
  • we feel, that we are fully and totally in our own power.
  • that we wish for more clarity, freshness and vitality for our body and mind.

In these situtations, Yoga in the combination with deep inner cleansing and detoxification of the body can help you to find your balance and power again.

Therefore the Yoga Academy offers in cooperation with the Rasayana Retreat in Pattaya two wonderful customized programs of „Vitalization Cleansing“ (5 days) and „Intensive deep Cleansing“ (9 days) – made for Purification and with Love.

Download of two different programs:

Booking of the treatments directly via the Yoga Academy for life and learning:

Don’t hestitate to speak about your special wishes. We also can create a individual tailored Cleansing and Yoga treatment in cooperation with the Rasayana Retreat.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s in the world!

8. Mai 2016

To be a mom is the most wonderful thing in the world! As a mom you love your child unconditional and you are a source of miracle and peace, inspiration and happiness for your child and for the whole world. Celebrate the pure love between you and your children and spend a lovely and quality time together.
Today around the world the children tell their mom’s through all generations how much they love them – but they do this every single day“

I just love my mom more than anything in the world!“

„Being a mom is the best thing to be!“

„My mom is always kind and she there when I need her.“

„I love my mom more than a giant teddy!“

Yoga Inspirations: Make courageous decisions in extraordinary places.

7. Mai 2016