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General terms and conditions of business, coaching, consulting and seminars.

1. General information

Dr. Friederike Fahr (hereafter „Dr. F. F“) conducts coaching and consulting in accordance with these terms and conditions that are deemed to have been accepted by the the purchaser (hereafter „client“).
Agreements beyond those terms and conditions are only binding if they are confirmed in writing by Dr. F. F.
The contracts which are concluded by Dr. F. F. are service agreements, unless expressively agreed otherwise. The contract is therefore the provision of agreed services, not the arrangement of success. Dr. F. F. is not obligated to provide any economical result. Dr. F. F. has the right to attract assistants, experts, third party and other agents to carry out coaching and consultancy services.
Dr. F. F. provides her coaching and consulting services on the basis of the data and information supplied by the client or by its agent. The data and information is checked for plausibility by Dr. F. F. The client solely is responsible for the accuracy and completeness.

2. Offers, Fees

The offers are subject to change and without prior notice. All fees are quoted in Euro currency. Coaching and consulting services will be charged as per the fees laid down in the coaching consulting agreement. The appointments for phone coaching or coaching via new media will be made between coach and client based on mutual availability. The client bears the costs of the coaching or consulting services. The incurred additional costs (telephone charges) shall be reasonably charged. The fee for the offered seminars is as follows:
Payment of the full price is considered to be a binding registration for the respective appointment.

3. Cancellation of appointment/reimbursement

With payment of fees, the registration is binding. Seminars with distance learning – and presence – phase: a full refund of seminar fees is applicable in case of cancellation 4 weeks prior to the start of the distance learning phase of the seminar.
A refund of 50% takes place in case of cancellation within 4 weeks prior to the start of the distance learning phase of the seminar. No fees will be reimbursed if the client cancels during the distance learning phase of the seminar. If participation in the Presence seminar is not possible, no refund can be made. However, there is the possibility to designate a person as a replacement at no costs.

Seminars and workshops without previous distance learning phase:
In case of cancellation of a seminar and workshop without previous participation at a distance learning phase, a full refund of seminar and workshop fees will be made if the cancellation is made up to 4 weeks prior to the start of the seminar. Up to 2 weeks before the event, 50% will be refunded. Less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the event, no refund can be made. However, there is the possibility to designate a person as a replacement at no other costs.

4. Force majeure

Dr. F. F. is entitled to change the original agreed coaching dates, in case of force majeur. Illness, accidents or similar incidents may also fall into the category of force majeur.
In this case, the seminar leader or coach will notify clients as soon as possible and offer an alternative date. In any case, if the client is not available or reachable under the designated phone number and email address, the client will not be eligible to claim travel costs or other costs occured.

5. Copyright

All documents issued to the client are included in the agreed remuneration, unless otherwise agreed. The documents are intended for the personal use of the client.
The copyrights of the documents at the seminar – and the coaching concepts – are with Dr. F. F. solely. The client it is not allowed to reproduce the documents without the written consent of Dr. Friederike in whole or in part and may not make the documents accessible to third parties. A publication, even in extracts, is prohibited.

6. Insurance protection

Each client has full responsibility for itself and his actions within and outside of the seminars and coaching and shall be liable for any damage.
The coaching is not a psychotherapy, and does not replace it. The participation requires a regular mental and physical sustainability which each client (if necessary, under the inclusion of Medical Council) has to take responsibility of. Organizer of team coaching, seminars, workshops, etc. is always the client. The client therefore has no insurance coverage by Dr. F. F.

7. Liability

Information and advice in coaching sessions as well as in all the documentation are carefully examined and tested by the coach. The activities of Dr. F. F. are a pure service activity.
There is no obligation to provide success. Any liability is excluded. The delivery or the electronic transmission of any data is at sole risk of the client.

8. Confidentiality

Dr. F. F. is obliged, within the scope of execution of the rendered services, to maintain strict confidentiality towards third parties in regards to business and private information known of the client even after the termination of the contract.

In addition to the above, Dr. F. F. will care and protect any documents of the client against accessibility and inspection of third parties.

9. Duty of the client

The coaching is conducted on the basis of previous conversations between the parties. It is based on cooperation and mutual trust. Coaching is an active business process and certain success cannot be guaranteed. Dr. F. F. is a process facilitator for the client and active as support for decisions and changes to the client – the actual change is to conducted by the client itself. The client should be therefore ready and open to deal with itself and the situation.

10. Demarcations of coaching to psychotherapy

Coaching is not therapy, and does not replace it either. Coaching is based on a coach client relationship, which is characterised by a mutual partnership and it clearly limits the role of coaches to the role of therapists and doctors. Psychotherapy is problem and symptom-oriented, deals with the past and seeks to heal old wounds. Coaching is solution-oriented and focused on the present, future and the activity. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental illness. Coaching serves „healthy“ people who are capable in daily life and capable of self-reflection.
The result of a coaching represents not the relief of mental complaints, but the individual development of the client, which is accompanied by an increase in its overall quality of life.

11. Final clauses

Should individual provisions of the contract with the client including these general terms and conditions become totally or partly ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The affected regulation shall be replaced by a regulation that comes closest to the former one with regard to its economical success.